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What We Do

The Malakoff Education Foundation

  • is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, tax exempt, philanthropic organization of volunteers comprising community leaders, educators and local citizens of the district

  • shares a vision of enhancing education in Malakoff ISD for all students

  • works to increase private support for educational opportunities within Malakoff ISD

  • benefits Malakoff ISD students and staff by supporting activities not funded by tax dollars

  • fosters creative approaches to education through private grants and involvement

  • awards grants through the Board of Directors made up of business, community and educational leaders


The Malakoff Independent School District has developed quality educational programs that provide students with enrichment, acceleration and attention to special needs. Sustaining excellent educational programs and services requires technology, laboratories, cultural experiences, up-to-date occupational and technical equipment, resource materials and, primarily, outstanding teachers. Meeting the current and future educational needs of all students so that they may be productive citizens of tomorrow requires a substantial investment.

  • Teacher salaries need to be high enough to attract the best candidates to the field, as well as attract the best professionals to a district that values quality.
  • Functional, well-maintained facilities are needed to house resources and programs that serve students.
  • Equipment and technology must be purchased, adapted and maintained for students to develop skills and knowledge for the 21st Century.
  • Staff development must be provided to enable teachers to remain informed, to improve their own skills, and become more effective.

In the state's conservative economy, most school districts no longer have discretionary funds for services and activities that exceed minimum needs and requirements. The situation calls for finding new resources to assist in building and increasing excellence.

This is the mission of the Malakoff Education Foundation.

It is not our intent to supplement state and federal cuts in education funding but to provide additional revenue for educational grants that are considered creative, innovative and imaginative. These funds will be distributed in the form of grants.

Teachers request funds through an application and review process. Grants are then ranked and rated as to overall merit and those chosen will be funded accordingly, provided funding is available.

Our goal is to raise the funds necessary to meet as many of these requests as possible though not all may be funded.

By partnering with the community, local businesses and the district we know we can achieve our goals and provide a long, term positive impact to MISD students.

When considering the level of funding required to educate students, we expect only to provide funds for programs and activities that are beyond the average classroom curriculum and would provide an extraordinary learning experience for students.

Donations will fund enhanced educational opportunities, new technologies, equipment, advanced training, and innovative projects. Your support will provide the funds necessary to extend the educational capabilities of students and teachers alike

All donations will be used to benefit the students of MISD. Your donation will make a long-term, positive impact on MISD students and teachers for many years to come.

Donations will also provide benefits to the entire community through your investment in the future of local, public education.


If you would like to volunteer to serve in any capacity, please contact us

using the form on the CONTACT US page of this site or call (903) 484-4190.

We guarantee you'll have fun and feel good while doing it!