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Programs and Funding Priorities


Initial Funding Priorities

  • Innovative Teaching Grants

  • Recognition of Academic Achievement

  • Recognition of Teaching Excellence

The Malakoff Independent School District’s general operating budget focuses on mandated cost such as salaries, benefits, insurance, facilities, transportation, and food services, which leaves little money to allocate to innovative or enhancement programs.

The Malakoff Education Foundation funds creative and meaningful programs not funded through tax dollars.

The foundation provides educators and administrators a funding avenue for new approaches and motivation for teachers and students to enhance teaching and learning.

The Malakoff Education Foundation was created to support the educational programs for both the students and personnel of the Malakoff Independent School District. The Foundation will provide funds for educational programs and activities which either have not been funded or have been under-funded by the normal operating budget. These funds will be used to facilitate student achievement and skill development, to recognize and encourage staff excellence and to expand community involvement from individuals, businesses and civic organizations.

The foundation receives tax-deductible donations from community members, parents, businesses, other foundations and alumni interested in and committed to success of Malakoff Independent School District.

We believe excellent public schools are essential to the economic and social health of our community.